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Background: This is a unique campaign of global magnitude. Sports transcends color, cast, creed, ethnicity, race, religion and unites humans like nothing else does. Women rights are at an important juncture whereby women are rightfully asserting themselves to reclaim public places at one end and demanding equality on the other end. This campaign combines sports and women rights exquisitely to generate dialogue, drama, inspiration and call to action. Utilization of Funds: The funds raised through the campaign will be utilised to execute the project of this independent film so that pre-production, production and post production stages are covered to the satisfaction. The funds will also be utilised to help market the final product (ie film) globally with a strong focus towards women centric causes. Your contribution for the campaign will go a long way in ensuring that a highly impactful project sees the light of the day. The project is connected globally through its strong purpose and message. It needs your attention to bring all the efforts to fruition. It will be a memorable campaign that you will cherish being a part of throughout your life.
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